Forum Thread: How to Play Pokemon Go on PC - Well Explained Pokemon Go Video Tutorial

Is it really possible to play pokemon go on pc? Yes it is possible. However, you can play this pokemon go for pc game on your Windows 10 PC using Android pokemon go emulator such as Bluestacks ( This game requires gamers to walk around to capture Pokémon nearby. Your are playing this game on your pc,but you can't carry your PC. Here is a simple solution explained. You can use Fake GPS to fool the game that you are actually moving around. If you want to collect all the Pokémons without leaving your desk, then the following pokemon go tutorial will teach to Play Pokemon Go on PC .

Warning: To play Pokemon GO on your home PC, you need to engage a method called GPS spoofing. This is a violation of the developer's Terms of Service ( and could get you temporarily or permanently banned from the game.

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